Sunday, January 31, 2016


Baseline - a line serving as a basis, as for measurement, calculation, location; something, such as a set of data, used as a basis for comparison or as a control in a study; a starting point.

Example - "The experiment is meant only to provide a baseline for other studies."

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To regale

To regale - to provide with great enjoyment; to entertain.

Example - "He regaled them with stories of his youth"

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Loose-lipped - given to indiscreet or incessant talk.

Example - "He's too loose-lipped to be trusted"

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When push comes to shove

When push comes to shove - when one must commit oneself to an action or decision.

Example - "When push came to shove, I always stood up for him"

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To squander

To squander - to spend in a reckless and foolish manner.

Example - "He squandered an amazing opportunity to go to college for free"

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High-strung - tending to be very anxious and easily agitated; having an extremely nervous and sensitive temperament.

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To zero in on

To zero in on - to start to give all your attention to a particular person or thing.

Example - "The newspapers have zeroed in on his private life"

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To bear the brunt

To bear the brunt - to receive the worst part of something unpleasant or harmful, such as an attack.

Example - "Education will bear the brunt of the cuts"

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Strapped for

Strapped for - needing something.

Example - "I am really strapped for cash. Can you lend me some?

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Non sequitur

Non sequitur - a conclusion or statement that does not follow from the previous argument or statement.

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Meager - deficient in quantity or quality.

Example - "They were forced to supplement their meager earnings."

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To set the record straight

To set the record straight - to tell the true facts that have not been accurately reported.

Example - "If we are wrong and Brian would like to set the record straight, he should come talk to us tomorrow.

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Cautionary tale

Cautionary tale - a story or series of events in which something bad happens that you can use as a warning for the future.

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Strife - angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues.

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Schadenfreude - enjoyment obtained from the trouble of others.

Example - "When the winning team saw their rivals saddened by defeat, they felt a sense of schadenfreude."

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Volition - the act of making a conscious choice or decision.

Example - "He left of his own volition"

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To relish

To relish - to enjoy greatly

Example - "He was relishing his moment of glory"

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Stand-offish - distant and cold in manner; unfriendly.

Example - "He was an arrogant, stand-offish prick."

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Fickle - unsteady.

Example - "The weather here is always fickle"

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Uncouth - lacking good manners, refinement or grace.

Example - "He's unwashed, uncouth, and drunk most of the time."

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To rub off on

To rub off on - to influence; to affect; to be passed on to.

Example - "I was hoping some of his genius might rub off on them."

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To give someone a dressing-down

To give someone a dressing-down - to speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong.

Example - "She was given a dressing-down by the coach"

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Certifiable - mad; crazy.

Example - "The world of fashion is almost entirely insane, the people who work in it mainly certifiable."

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Thursday, January 28, 2016


Unbeknownst  /ˌʌnbɪˈnəʊnst- without the knowledge of someone.

Example - "Unbeknownst to me, she made some enquires."

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To exonerate

To exonerate - to clear, as of an accusation.

Example - "Chris was exonerated by the investigation"

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To savour

To savour - to enjoy or appreciate to the full, especially by lingering over it.

Example - "I wanted to savour every moment."

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Inkling - a slight knowledge or suspicion; a hint; vague idea.

Example - "The records give us an inkling of how people saw the world."

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

To stamp out

To stamp out - to stop or extinguish something by forceful means.

Example - "We need to find a way to stamp out poverty in Africa"

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Tidbits - a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information.

Example - "They were hoping for tidbits about the family"

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To berate

To berate - to scold harshly.

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To apprise

To apprise - to inform or to tell someone.

Example - "I thought it right to apprise Phil of what had happened"

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To be incensed

To be incensed - to be infuriated.

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To grimace

To grimace - to contort the face; to make an expression of pain, strong dislike, etc.

Example - "She sipped the tea and grimaced"

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Obliging - ready to do favours for others.

Example  - "He is hospitable, obliging, and specially well disposed to the foreigner."

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To beseech

To beseech - to ask someone urgently and fervently to do or give something.

Example - "They beseeched him to stay."

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Boisterous - noisy, energetic and cheerful.

Example - "A group of boisterous lads"

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Pandering - the acting of expressing one's view in accordance with the likes of a group to which one is attempting to appeal.

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Parlance - a particular manner of speaking.

Example - "It must be pointed out that in common parlance, this distinction does not find its ready expression.

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Ruse - an action intended to deceive someone.

Example - "Emma tried to think of a ruse to get Paul out of the house"

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Sloven - a person who is habitually untidy or careless.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Epitome - a person or thing that is typical of or possesses to a high degree the features of a whole class.

Example - "She is the epitome of kindness"

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To stymie

To stymie - to obstruct someone or something.

Example - "He did everything he could to stymie the investigation"

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Amount to a hill of beans

Amount to a hill of beans = to be of little importance.

Example - "You are making yourself miserable over something that amounts to a hill of beans"

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To amount to

To amount to - to come to be (the total) when added together.

Example - "Losses amounted to over seven billion pounds"

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To convene

To convene - to come or bring together for a meeting

Example - "He had convened a secret meeting of military personnel"

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To disenfranchise

To disenfranchise - to deprive someone of a right or privilege.

Example - "We strongly oppose any measure which would disenfranchise people from access to legal advice"

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Self-aggrandizement - an act undertaken to increase your own power and influence or to draw attention to your own importance.

Example - "Critics accused him of self-aggrandizement"

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To take something by storm

To take something by storm - to conquer someone or something in a fury; to captivate completely; to quickly win popular acclaim.

Example - "The singing star took the audience in each town by storm."

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Flare up

Flare up - a sudden outburst of something' to begin to increase in intensity.

Example - "A war flared up in the Middle East"
                  "My rash flared up when I went outdoors into the sunshine."

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To relay

To relay - to pass on information

Example - "He intended to relay all the information he had learned"

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