Monday, January 16, 2017

To sound out

To sound out - to carefully found out what someone thinks or knows.

Example - "I don't know what Jane thinks about your suggestions but I will sound her out"

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Straight arrow

Straight arrow - an honest, morally upright person.

Example - "He does not drink or smoke. He's a straight arrow."

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To breathe down one's neck

To breathe down one's neck - to pursue someone closely; to watch or supervise someone closely.

Example - "My boss is always breathing down my neck"

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Thursday, January 5, 2017


Yelp - a short, sharp cry of pain.

Example - "She uttered a yelp as she bumped into a table"

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Harebrained - ill-judged; very silly or foolish.

Example - "It was a harebrained idea to go for a hike in an area where grizzly bear attacks had recently been reported"

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To fumble

To fumble - to use the hands clumsily while doing or handling something.

Example - "She fumbled with the lock"

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Alm - money, food, or other donations given to the poor or needy.

Example - "The hands of the beggars were outstretched for alms"

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To deign

To deign - to do something that one considers to be beneath one's dignity.

Example - "She did not deign to answer the maid's question"


Dilettante - a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge; a dabbler.

Example - "You can always tell a true expert from a dilettante"

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Bereft - deprived of or lacking something.

Example - "Her room was stark and bereft of color"

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To lose one's marbles

To lose one's marbles - to go crazy; to lose one's mind.

Example - "What a silly thing to say. Have you lost your marbles?"

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To show somebody the ropes

To show somebody the ropes - to explain to someone how to do a job or activity.

Example - "The new secretary started today so I spent most of the morning showing her the ropes"

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Marauding - going from one place to another killing or using violence, stealing, and destroying.

Example - "Witnesses reported gangs of marauding soldiers breaking into people's houses and setting fire to them"

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To dole out

To dole out - to distribute something to someone.

Example - "The teacher doled out pencils to the students"

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Leery - cautious or wary due to realistic suspicious.

Example - "This city is leery of gang violence"

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