Wednesday, April 30, 2014

To drum up

To drum up - to try to make people support you or buy something from you.

Example - "Advertisements should help to drum up business."

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To lull

To lull - to make someone feel relaxed or confident so that they are not prepared for anything unpleasant; to make someone relaxed enough to sleep.

Example - "The sound of rain falling soon lulled us to sleep."

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Hunch - a feeling that something is true or will happen, although you do not know any definite facts about it.

Example - "I had a hunch Asia was gonna take the world."

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Bouncer - a type of security guard employed at venues such as bars and nightclubs.

Example - "The bouncer told me to wait in the alley."

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To cripple

To cripple - to damage something severely, or to prevent it from working properly.

Example - The war had crippled the country's economy.

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Serendipitous - pleasant and happening by chance.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

To sidetrack

To sidetrack - to delay the progress of something by causing people to waste time on something else that is unimportant.

Example - "It is easy to get sidetracked by Facebook posts."

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Trove - A large supply of something such as art or information.

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Ordeal - an extremely unpleasant situation, especially one that lasts for a long time.

Example - "They have suffered a terrible ordeal."

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To cower

To cower - to move your body down and away from someone because you are frightened.

Example - "The dog was cowering in a corner."

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To rein in

To rein in - to limit or control something that has developed too much or has continued for too long.

Example - "France has asked its EU partners to rein in their criticism of nuclear testing."

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Unruly - very difficult to control.

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To hold sway

To hold sway - to be the main influence on people's opinion or behaviour.

Example - "Moral arguments no longer seem to hold sway."

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To spring for

To spring for - to pay for someone else's share of something.

Example - "I'll spring for dinner tonight."

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To cram

To cram - to put people or things into a space that is too small.

Example - "Guards cram 40 prisoners into cells designed for 10"

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To perch

To perch - if you perch on something, or if you are perched on it, you sit on something that is narrow or small, and usually high, especially for a short time.

Example - "Rosie was perched on the arm of the couch."

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To deface

To deface - to deliberately damage something valuable by writing on it or breaking it.

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To capsize

To capsize - to be overturned in the water.

Example - The huge ferry carrying 475 passengers and 150 vehicles capsized and sunk off the coast of South Korea today.

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To primp

To primp - to spend time making small changes to your appearance, especially in front of a mirror.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Lewd - referring to sex in a rude or unpleasant way.

Example - "They tweeted a lewd image."

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To hinge on

To hinge on - to depend on something

Example - "A lot hinges on the result of tomorrow's match."

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Distraught - extremely worried, upset, or confused.

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To fob off

To fob off - to give someone an answer or explanation that is not true or complete, in order to make them stop asking questions or complaining.

Example - "I'm tired of being fobbed off."

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Sunday, April 13, 2014


Conducive - creating a situation that helps something to happen.

Example - "Teachers need to create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning."

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To lash out

To lash out - to criticize someone or something angrily.

Example - "They lashed out at the council's move to stop free parking."

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To dovetail

To dovetail - to fit together or to work together well.

Example - "This idea dovetails with the new research led by that famous psychologist."

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To commend

To commend - to praise someone or something formally or publicly.

Example - "His efforts were highly commended by his parents."

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Chipper - feeling happy and full of energy and hope.

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To smother

To smother - to cover someone or something completely.

Example - "The meat was smothered in thick sauce."

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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Tally - a record of the number of things someone has done, won or achieved. 

Example - "The company keeps a tally of legal cases lost and won."

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To barter

To barter - to exchange goods or services for other good or services instead of using money.

Example - "We used to barter with the guards to get cigarettes."

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Spin-off - something good that happens unexpectedly as a result of something else.

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Stubble - the short stiff hair on a man's face.

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To slash

To slash - to reduce something by a large amount.

Example - "The budget had been slashed by 3 milllion pounds."

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Brazen - Behaving in a way that is not moral or socially accepted, and not caring if other people are shocked or offended.

Example - "Carrying two shopping bags in tow, the woman exposed her naked behind to passersby and brazenly relieved herself in front of dozens of horrified shoppers in Northampton." 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014


Decoy - a person or thing that you use to trick someone into doing something or going somewhere.

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Dogged - determined to achieve something and continuing to try despite difficulties.

Example - "Their success was due to the dogged determination of their coach."

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Kudos - the praise and respect you get from other people because of something you have achieved.

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Monday, April 7, 2014


Acumen - the ability to make good quick decisions and judgments.

Example - "We are looking for someone with both business acumen and technical expertise."

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Sidekick - someone's friend or assistant.

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Abound - to be present in large numbers or amount.

Example - "Rumours abound about the breakup of her marriage."

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To scour

To scour - to search a place or document thoroughly for something.

Example - "Navy divers are being used to scour the ocean".

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To scowl

To scowl - to twist your face into an expression that shows you are angry.

Example - "Now stop scowling and smile!"

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Surly - unfriendly and rude.

Example - "I just met a waiter with a surly attitude."

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To faff

To faff - to waste time doing things that are not important or necessary.

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To mill around/about

To mill around/about - to move about in large numbers in a confused way with no particular purpose.

Example - "There was a crowd of students milling about the library steps."

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To hold/bear a grudge

To hold/bear a grudge - a feeling of anger towards someone because they have done something to you that does not seem right or fair.

Example - "There's a whole list of people who might bear a grudge against him."

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To shriek

To shriek - to shout in a loud, high voice because you are excited, frightened or surprised; to say something in a very loud high voice.

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To clang

To clang - if something made of metal clangs, or if you clang it, it makes a loud sound.

Example - "The bells were still clanging in the cathedral tower."

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Culprit - someone who is responsible for doing something bad or illegal; the cause of something bad happening.

Example - "Police have so far failed to find the culprits."

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